Mining is the production of cryptocurrency under the fulfillment of the conditions necessary for obtaining rewards. There are several types of production algorithms. The most common ones are proof of stake and proof of work. Mining requires the availability of equipment that will perform calculations related to the maintenance process of the blockchain network.

Cloud mining is a new concept in which it is possible to extract cryptocurrency on leased equipment for subscriber or one-time payment. The advantages of cloud mining are:

  • Accessibility (no purchase, installation and maintenance of complex equipment is required)
  • Absence of risk of force majeure (overheating, failure of equipment)
  • Absence of additional costs (payment for electricity, renting premises for farms, replacing obsolete equipment)

The equipment purchased by us is intended for POW mining. For the selection of the mining portfolio the system analysis is used, the main purpose of which is to identify and analyze the most profitable cryptocurrencies in terms of extraction and investment. The main volume of capacity will be directed to the production of cryptocurrencies: List of main cryptocurrencies for mining. Attention, this list can be changed!

A full list of characteristics can be found on page 10 of the White Paper.

The total amount of investments received will be used to purchase equipment for the production of cryptocurrency. Each investor will conditionally own* a certain amount of capacity, in accordance with the share of his investments in the total amount of all investments for the accounting period.
The purchased equipment will be used for the mining of cryptocurrency, the greater part of the profit from which will be distributed among investors according to the selected tariffs.

This part covers the expenses for energy costs, maintenance and depreciation of equipment, payment for maintenance personnel and company profits.

In order to complete the participation in the mining and withdraw the invested funds, it is necessary to disable the checkbox "prolong" in your personal account and after the end of your chosen investment period, the funds will be transferred to the balance of your personal account.

The invested funds correspond to a certain share of the total capacity of the operating equipment. When the investor fixes the profit (withdraws invested funds), his share of capacity is sold to another investor or redeemed by the company for later use in the interests of his own profit.

The equipment is physically located in China. This location is chosen based on the optimal cost of delivery, quality of service and timely equipment update in the shortest time with minimal costs. Total power consumption exceeds 15 megawatts.

Our equipment:

Antminer D3

- Hash rate: 15 GH/s

- Power consumption: 1200W

- Hashing algorithm: X11

Antminer L3+ 

World's Most Powerful Litecoin Miner

- Hash rate: 504 MHS

- Power consumption: 800W

- Chip: BM1485 Antminer S9-13.5TH/s World’s Most Efficient Miner

- Chip: BM1387 (World’s Most Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip)

iBeLink™ DM11G X11/Dash Miner

- 11 GH/s Hash Rate

iBeLink™ DM22G X11/Dash Miner

- 22 GH/s Hash Rate ZUMMINER's power is constantly growing up due to the reinvestment of its own funds and investors.

There are 3 periods to invest from 92 to 274 days and the investment profit is from 23% to 90.42% per period. The conditions may change, so check our News and Tariffs section on our website.

All equipment is supplied with fire protection systems designed specifically for mining farms. The premises are reliably preserved and protected from natural disasters and cataclysms to the yellow level of danger.

In order to become an investor, you need to reach the technical support service, provide contact details and a personal manager will contact you.

If you decided to invest in mining, you need to decide on the investment period. Pay attention that in a short period of time the opportunity to get a high profit is extremely small. Therefore, the minimum investment period for mining is 1 month. Investments are possible for periods:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months