ZUMMINER Will Provide B2X to All Users!

Due to the approaching Bitcoin hard fork, we would like to answer all your questions. First of all, we announce that Zumminer supports the New York agreement regarding Bitcoin Segwit2x and will provide an equal amount of B2X to all BTC holders!

What is Bitcoin Segwit2x?

Bitcoin Segwit2x is the upcoming change to the Bitcoin network, designed to improve the speed and cost of transactions.

When will the fork take place?

Bitcoin Segwit2x fork will take place on the block 494,784. It is expected to happen on November 16th.

Are my funds at Zumminer safe?

All the funds you deposited before, during, and after the fork will be retained for you forever!

In order to provide additional security measures, the withdrawal and replenishment of B2X will be available immediately after the establishment of a stable network. The Zumminer team thanks all users for their trust and invites new participants to invest and generate additional revenue thanks to Bitcoin Segwit2x!