What is an Investment in Zumminer?

One of the main features Zumminer offers is the possibility of investing in mining equipment with a fixed yield from 0.25% to 0.33% daily.


To ensure the stable operation of the service, we have concentrated on huge capacities, invested in equipment more than $3.500.000, and are ready to expand further! To do this, we offer you the possibility of investing, which will be beneficial to both parties.


- The investments will be directed to purchase of new equipment and support of the one that already operates.

- Our mining experts distribute capacities to those currencies that bring a greater income in the most efficient way.


We guarantee the yield corresponding to the funds you have invested.


What are the advantages of investments over cloud mining?

- You do not need to constantly monitor any indicators other than the incoming profits.

- You get a stable income not dependent on the market.