Zumminer Investment Opportunity

Zumminer offers its users an additional opportunity to earn money. Invest in the mining and get guaranteed ROI with no risks. Attracted investments are spent on the equipment for mining. Coins produced from this equipment are sold and received profit is allocated for an investor. Money can be withdrawn as soon as the minimum investment period is passed.


There are 3 types of investment tariffs:


  1. “Beginner”

Minimum investment period: 92 days

Investment rate: 0,25% per day

Forecast of investment profit: 23%


  1. “Medial”

Minimum investment period: 183 days

Investment rate: 0,3% per day

Forecast of investment profit: 54,9%


  1. “Mine”

Minimum investment period: 274 days

Investment rate: 0,33% per day

Forecast of investment profit: 90.42%


Zumminer provides investors with a guaranteed profit, the equipment is held in a technical facility and users get full control over it.


Stay tuned for more news and start mining with Zumminer!