Service wallet
Smart and easy way to invest your money
The main advantage of a multi-currency wallet is the automatic exchange of cryptocurrency. There is no need to use cryptocurrency exchanges or exchangers with mandatory commissions for service and transfers, wait and monitor the execution of the orders for purchase and sale. Now you can instantly exchange the cryptocurrency right in your personal wallet, without commission, at the optimal exchange rate, which is updated in real time.
One of the most popular functions in a crypto-wallet environment is a multicurrency hot wallet. Using it, you can store several types of cryptocurrency simultaneously, as well as interact with them without any switching between applications. Intuitive interface facilitates quick and comfortable work, closing the execution of most demanded requests in one place.
Currently, the ZUMMINER multi-currency wallet includes the top-end cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, etc. But we do not stop at this point, the multi-currency wallet has great potential and unlimited possibilities. Currently, our developers are connecting cryptocurrencies such as Dash and ATB Coin. Our ambitions and our quality work prophesy ZUMMINER wallet stable demand and a good future. We plan to expand the portfolio to the top 30.
Cloud mining
In the rapidly developing segment of the cryptocurrency market, cloud mining occupies a special place.
The various mining pools that are gaining popularity are similar in terms and differ only in some details, such as: the size of the withdrawal commission and the method of making a profit.
ZUMMINER Cloud will change the rules of the game!
The development of the service began in late 2016. And to date, it is not only an alternative to real mining, but also allows you to forget about a number of difficulties associated with it: expensive electricity, constant connection difficulties, the need for proper cooling, high noise level, timely updating of hardware and software.
The qualitative equipment involved in the ZUMMINER Cloud service makes the mining process as efficient as possible, and the opportunities at the start are more accessible. Forecasts compiled on the current market analysis show an increased interest in the cryptocurrency mining in the next few years, which in turn indicates an increase in demand for mining services, as well as the mining equipment itself.
ZUMMINER Cloud already provides the opportunity to mine without worries, using high-quality equipment. Like all services, ZUMMINER Cloud will have a number of its features, including: the ability to select pools, and the user will be able to dynamically change the power distribution between pools in an arbitrary percentage.
In addition, 24/7 support and a functional personal wallet are provided. In the control panel there will be statistics of payments, indicators of profitability, and its forecasts. The function of reinvestment will enable you to use your balance to automatically purchase an additional hashrate.