Basic requirements for multi-currency wallets

The number of cryptocommunity participants is constantly growing. The number of investments is growing too due to the arrival of new users. et is known that the most people invest large sums in cryptocurrencies, so there is a demand for the creation of a single center for the processing and management of crypto assets. Storing assets on similar sites is becoming increasingly risky due to the scandals surrounding the MTGOX and BTC-E exchanges. Community members are looking for an alternative by transferring their wealth to the cryptocurrency wallets for storage.

There are a number of basic requirements for the operation of cryptocurrency wallets. Having become acquainted with the cryptocurrency wallet Zumminer, we can say with full confidence that this type of wallet meets the basic requirements.

Availability and mobility

One of the important basic characteristics is mobility and cross-platform software. The most popular today are the web versions of cryptocurrency wallets. Mobile applications also provide security and have their advantages ‒ they are always at hand.

Backup and restore

Backup is a mandatory option in cryptocurrency wallets services. The user will be able to use this mechanism in case of an emergency. The features of the Zumminer wallet backup feature have been tested on different devices. The model works successfully and performs a number of mandatory tasks that are associated with restoring access to assets.

Request processing speed

The speed of processing incoming requests and response should not exceed a few seconds with a stable network connection. The availability of alternative options for managing the wallet and the speed of reaction is one of the basic requirements.

Multicurrency and flexibility

If it is necessary, any user will be able to add to his/her cryptocurrency into wallet without experiencing any difficulties.


The wallet should provide the user with the ability to respond quickly and adapt to changes by simply converting one currency into another, in order to maintain or make a profit. It is necessary due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market and the impact of many factors on the price performance of various assets.